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Quick Repair Projects to Prep Your Home for Winter

Quick Repair Projects to Prep Your Home for Winter

Patch It Up

If you experienced storms this past season, survey your home’s exterior for any damage. Take a walk around the grounds and look at the siding and the condition of the roof, including the garage and porch.

Use T-Rex Waterproof Tape to temporarily patch small holes in vinyl siding, loose shingles or leaks in your gutter. The tape is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures and can stretch up to 700% of its original length, so it can be used for any indoor or outdoor job that requires a waterproof seal.

Making quick repairs will save you from expensive water damage costs down the road and help prevent any further issues arising during the cold weather season.

Lawn Improvement

As the leaves fall off the trees and onto the ground, an alternative to raking is to pull out the lawn mower. Trim the leaves into smaller pieces, which can then be used as natural mulch around the yard and garden. Layer the compost around perennial beds or other plants to provide insulation and protection through the winter.

Mid-to-late fall, with the warm soil and cool air, is also an ideal time for planting grass seed, and fertilizing and filling in holes with the leaf compost. This will put you on a path to a greener lawn next spring.

Prepare the Deck

Before the first cold front approaches, make sure to clean up the patio or deck and store outdoor umbrellas, cushions and rugs in a safe spot in the garage or shed. If you notice any rot or wetness on the deck, it can be a simple fix by replacing the wood boards or using a wood filler to prevent further damage.

Winterize large patio furniture and protect items that are staying outside with a weatherproof cover. To keep the covers in place, secure them to the bottom of the furniture.

If there is a small tear in the fabric, mend it with T-Rex Clear Repair Tape. The all-weather, crystal clear tape has a waterproof backing and an aggressive adhesive to stick to wet surfaces – plus, it applies securely at below freezing temperatures.

Squeaky Clean Exterior

Once the patio is prepped, turn your attention to the rest of the exterior. Debris and stains collected on the outside of the house during summer can set over the winter, so it’s a good idea to power wash away the dirt.

Start with the driveway, deck and windows and then take time to wash the siding and gutters, as long as you spray water in a direction that won’t force it behind the siding or under shingles. This project will help remove lingering grime, mold and mildew and ensure the outside area is clean and ready for winter.

After checking off these projects on your fall list, your home will be properly prepped so you can relax, slow down and enjoy the season.