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Ferocious Tapes for Ferocious Projects

Ferocious Tapes for Ferocious Projects

T-Rex® Tape

Waterproof backing, high tensile strength, double thick adhesive. This fiercely strong and durable duct tape, available in white and silver, is designed for those moments in your life when you need intense holding power, no matter the application.

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T Rex Tape Torn

T-Rex® Packing Tape

100x stronger than acrylic based tapes, this thick and strong packing tape is designed to seal even the heaviest boxes safely and securely for moving, shipping and storage.

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T Rex Packaging Tape

T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape

Designed for extreme adhesion on rough, cold and wet surfaces, this all-weather crystal-clear tape offers a puncture-resistant seal for indoor and outdoor repairs.

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T Rex Clear Tape

T-Rex® Tape Mounting Tapes - Strong and Clear

This permanent mounting tape offers extra durability on a variety of both indoor and outdoor surfaces in different types of weather.

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T Rex Strong Clear

T-Rex® Extreme Tread Tape

Made with a multi-layer grit embedding process, this industrial quality non-slip tape improves traction on surfaces like steps, walkways and trailers, helping to prevent accidents.

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Tread Tape Package

T-Rex® Waterproof Tape

Built with R-Flex Technology™ this tape is durable and flexible enough for a wide range of waterproofing repairs and fixes. It even works under water.

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Waterproof Tape

T-Rex® Brute Force®

Constructed with Forge-Link Technology, an extreme tensile cloth, one loop of T-Rex Brute Force tape holds 700+ pounds of weight, making it the strongest duct tape on the market.

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Trex Brute