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3 Ways to Use T-Rex® Tread Tape

3 Ways to Use T-Rex® Tread Tape

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T-Rex® Extreme Tread Tape - 3 pk., 2 in. x 8 in.

#1 Safer Workshop Floor

Rain, snow and other elements can make your workshop floor hazardous, but not with T-Rex® Tread Tape. Use a few strips around high-traffic areas for some extreme tread action.

Man standing on strips of tread tape in a workshop

#2 Wooden Ladder Update

Give a worn wooden ladder a quick, and safe, update by adding some tread tape to the rungs. This heavy-duty tread tape improves traction to prevent slips and falls.

Man standing on a ladder with tread tape on the rungs

#3 Easy Step Stool

Take a few cues from this DIY project tutorial and create your own step stool. Don't forget to add some industrial strength tread tape for added grip.

Folding step stool with tread tape on the step