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Why T-Rex

Three layers of tape

All-Weather Durability

Where does this tape get its uncaged ferocity? Combine 3 layers with heat and pressure and the highest grade rubber and cloth materials in a high quality, technologically advanced manufacturing process. That's how we control the quality of the tape until the moment it's put to the test at the job site or home.

Water Proof Backing

Waterproof Backing

Technology: Tough, thick polyethylene skin.

Benefit: Repels fierce weather conditions even in the coldest temperatures

High Tensile Woven Scrim

High Tension

Technology: Heavy interwoven thread

Benefit: Ferocious strength and durability for indoor and outdoor use

Double Thick Adhesive

Double Thick Copy

Technology: Double-thick adhesive melted and bonded with the tape skin using heat and pressure

Benefit: Strong hold on rough, dirty surfaces like brick, concrete, shingles, painting and non-painted wood, and vinyl siding

What It Means to be Strong

What does it mean to be strong? For endurance athlete Chris Calimano it’s grinding out 10 back-to-back Ironmans and with a drive like that the one thing Chris can’t do is stop, even when he’s pushing everything to the limit. Ferocious exercise requires ferocious equipment, strong enough to log over 60,000 miles on a bike. Over 2,500 miles in the water. Over 37,000 miles of running. And, he’s still going.


Tested in labs. Proven strength & durability. Trusted for your toughest jobs.