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How To Use: T-Rex® Tape Cutter

Cut any type of tape with clean, straight edges, even the strongest duct tape, T-Rex® Brute Force®.

Engineered to cut any type of tape even the world's strongest duct tape, T-Rex® Brute Force®, the T-Rex® Tape Cutter is a great addition to any toolbox. The spring blade design makes razor straight cuts on any type of tape, but especially masking and foil tapes where a clean tape edge is crucial. Also the elastic securing bungee ensures the tape cutter can fit any standard two inch or smaller roll of tape. Here's how to use it:

Place the cutter onto the roll of tape with the blade and arrows pointing towards the loose end of the tape. Feed the elastic cord through the core of the tape wrapping both ends of the loop fully around the securing cleat. After pulling the required amount of tape from the roll press down gently on the cutter with your thumb. Make sure to keep tension on the tape while you're cutting and then remove the strip of tape. And that's it — you're ready to cut any tape with the T-Rex® Tape Cutter.

T-Rex® — ferociously strong tape.