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T-Rex Tape is a ferociously strong duct tape made with co-extrusion and an extreme, thickly applied adhesive. 

Yes! T-Rex Tape is specially designed with UV resistant materials which gives T-Rex Tape dynamic holding power inside AND outside.

T-Rex is designed for extreme all-weather durability. The duct tape will freeze below 32°F, but will keep its strength when thawed. Other products have their own extreme temperature ranges. Make sure to check out the product pages for details. 

T-Rex Tape is best applied at the surface temperature range of 32°F to 200°F, but will withstand temperatures as low as -7°F.

The double thick, super aggressive adhesive, allows T-Rex Tape to hold better to more surfaces than ordinary tapes.  That includes rough and dirty surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

T-Rex Tape can be removed with some effort, though it may leave a residue in some applications.  To remove residue, try using T-Rex Tape itself to de-stick the remaining adhesive.  General purpose cleaners and or rubbing alcohol will also help finish the job. 

T-Rex is available at major retailers, hardware stores and online retailers nationwide. Visit the Where to Buy section to find a store near you. 

T-Rex Tape will last longest if it’s kept in a cool dry place.

T-Rex Tape offers a waterproof backing to repel the fiercest weather conditions. Make sure you apply T-Rex Tape when the surface is dry to get the best waterproofing performance. 

T-Rex Tape has been the go-to tape for pro contractors over the past 10 years.  More recently this tapes rugged all-weather quality and superior performance has caught the eye of a broader base of ‘get it done once’ tape users. This is why T-Rex is now available nationwide. 

T-Rex Tape is now available in white, with the same durability and strength as the original.

Yes. T-Rex Tape is specifically designed with UV resistant materials, which gives this tape dynamic holding power both indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind that the temperature range is -7°F to 200°F.

Yes, but T-Rex Tape provides the highest durability and holding power if applied to dry surfaces. Check out T-Rex Clear Repair Tape that can be applied directly to wet surfaces. 

Unlike other tapes on the market, T-Rex Tape is made by the same company that markets it. As the prime manufacturer of the tape, the makers of T-Rex Tape ensure that this tape is built with the highest quality materials. 


Yes! There are UV-resistant materials in both the adhesive and ionomer backing.

Clear Repair works better on non-porous surfaces, but you can use this tape on rough and wet surfaces.

Yes, this application is permanent.


Yes, both T-Rex Extreme Hold Mounting Tape and Strong & Clear Mounting Tape bond permanently to rough and smooth surfaces including brick, wood, cement, metal, glass, tile, ceramic and plastic.

T-Rex Mounting Tape is a permanent tape and will cause damage if removed. However, if removal is necessary, we recommend the following steps for removal: insert a knife between object and surface and cut through the tape. Using a putty knife, scrap off the remaining adhesive from the surface. Use caution when using putty knife to not damage surface.  Any remaining adhesive material and residue can be loosened with adhesive remover.

Yes, this is a permanent double-sided tape, which will cause damage if removed.

After application, T-Rex Mounting Tapes will continue to develop and build strength over 24 hours.

T-Rex Mounting Tapes are weather-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, from -40 -200 ˚F. However, for initial application, apply tape in temperatures 50 ˚F and above.

No, surfaces should be clean and dry to ensure the best adhesion.

T-Rex Extreme Hold Mounting Tape: Use 4 in. of tape per each 4 lbs. of weight to be mounted. A 60 in. roll of T-Rex Extreme Hold Mounting Tape will hold 50 pounds.


T-Rex Strong & Clear Mounting Tape: Use 4 in. of tape per each 2 lbs. of weight to be mounted. A 60 in. roll of T-Rex Strong and Clear Mounting Tape will hold 30 lbs.

Make sure surfaces are clean and dry to ensure best adhesion. We recommend cleaning any contaminated substrates with a 50/50 mix of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and water to remove any grease, and contaminants.

Yes, both T-Rex Extreme Hold Mounting Tape and Strong & Clear Mounting Tape have excellent UV Resistance.

T-Rex Mounting Tapes are pressure sensitive adhesives. In the application process, be sure to apply firm pressure to the tape to assure adhesion and improve bond strength.


Yes, it meets the clear, 2 inch wide USPS recommendation for packaging tape.

No, this is not UV resistant and will yellow with extended exposure to direct sunlight.

No this uses a rubber adhesive which is not latex free.

The tape backing is inherently water resistant so the tape can withstand some exposure to moisture for a short period of time.