All Weather

Works Longer

holds Stronger**than standard duct tapes

Made in theUSA

17Mils 1.88in x 35yd

17Mils 1.88in x 12yd


T-REX Tape gets its famous bite from Co-Extrusion technology.

4x the staying power


the Staying Power*

— All Weather Skin —

T-rex tape is for projects that need intense holding power. It’s ideal for taping up tarps and rough fabrics, bundling large or heavy materials, and making long lasting repairs that ordinary tapes just can’t handle

3x the holding power



— Holds Longer —

A UV resistant layer is built into the tough skin of the tape, giving it long lasting durability. This layer blocks the sun’s harsh UV rays from breaking through the outer skin of the tape and weakening the adhesive giving T-Rex tape the staying power to last through all types of weather and temperatures.

2x the bite


the Bite*

— Sticks Stronger —

At 17 mils thick (double the thickness of ordinary tapes) this tape is extremely strong, with a thick aggressive adhesive that can stick to rough, dirtier surfaces allowing you to get the job done right the first time.

*than standard duct tapes

T-Rex Tape

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