Packaging Tape

T-Rex packaging tape and dispenser for packaging, moving, and storage

Packaging Tape

Designed for heavy-duty shipping, moving and storage needs, T-Rex® Packaging Tape is ideal for homeowners and craftsmen who demand the highest quality tools. This packaging tape has a thick and strong adhesive, so you can seal even the heaviest boxes safely and securely while protecting what’s inside from damage. Offering a clear seal, this ferociously strong packaging tape offers superior quality whether you’re on the move or shipping boxes from the home or office. Whether at home or the job site, this packaging tape holds longer and stronger than ordinary tape making it ideal for those ferocious projects big or small.



  • Hot melt adhesive for instant, strong adhesion on boxes
  • 100x stronger than acrylic tapes based on ASTM D3654 for maximum hold on boxes.
  • High thickness and adhesion for durable applications
  • Meets postal regulations


  • 1.88 in. x 15 yd.
  • 1.88 in. x 35 yd.
  • 1.88 in. x 54.6 yd.
  • 4 Pack - 1.88 in. x 35 yd.

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